Hi, I'm Chagai

( just call me Joe if you like - it's my second name)

Communication is very important to me!
I have this page so it is easy and quick to contact me.
I try to be available as much as possible, maybe I'm already here 😉

You were not trying to reach me? you just want to snoop around?

Otherwise I'm just waiting for you for no reason....

Every time you click the button below I get a new notification 🤠

Sometimes I might take a while, don't give up!

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🇨🇭 +41   76   652   4456

If you were wondering how to say my name - this is me, my dad and mum saying it....

My Hobbies

if you were wondering what I like to do

My TODO List

if you were wondering what's currently on my mind

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If everything is blue, that's because it's still loading or something is broken 😅

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