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David Noone(host)★ PositiveMay 20, 2015

Chagai Friedlander is a 20-year-old Israeli currently visiting the United States. He is the oldest of 6 siblings and recently completed a period of mandatory military service. His dad is an IT specialist and his mom both teaches school and is involved in charitable projects. Though having grown up in a religious orthodox Jewish family, Chagai is currently exploring, with his parents’ understanding, other spiritual avenues. As his parents are Jews who hold British citizenships and spoke English at home, Chagai speaks both Hebrew and fluent English.

Before pursuing university studies, Chagai decided, like many young Israelis post military, to travel. While most his age tend to choose Thailand or one of the South American countries, he chose the United States. The purpose of his trip is not so much to visit national parks, Disneyworld or other typical American tourist destinations but to get a feel for America by meeting Americans and learning from them. We had several great conversations. While considering the purchase of a car, Chagai is presently restricted to bus travel and has been finding accommodations through “Couchsurfing,” a web based service that connects travelers with willing hosts.

Chagai is very low maintenance and though, while with me, he had use of the guest room, he told me he would have been just as happy with a mattress on the floor.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

David Noone

Dorian Motowylak(host)★ PositiveMay 21, 2015

Nice guy. My first Israeli surfer which I was excited to have. He makes himself at home and shares his kosher goodies. Makes good conversation and a good CS guest

Phil Bowling(host)★ PositiveMay 24, 2015

Chagai was a lot of fun - we had a blast taking him to baseball games, playing disc golf, various types of restaurants and just talking. A lot of things we do are really foreign to him and he really enjoyed learning about our culture - he is very inquisitive. Chagai makes friends very easily and all the people that met him at our coffee shop enjoyed talking to him. If you have the chance to host him you can learn a lot about the differences between living here and in Israel. He's a good guy...

Tony Colle(host)★ PositiveMay 26, 2015

It was one of life's great pleasures to meet Chagai and to host him. He's interesting, clever and (of special interest to others who may host him) very low maintenance, but more important, he's just all around great to have stay.

He's welcome back here any time. I'd like to get to know him better and spend more time with him. His two-night stay was too short. If you get a chance to host him, snatch him up quickly.

From member★ PositiveJune 4, 2015

Chagai just happened to be couch surfing with the first guy I couch surfed with. He is a really interesting, genuine guy, and I am glad I was able to meet him. I hope you have safe journeys wherever they take you!

Randy(host)★ PositiveJune 5, 2015

Sad that he stayed only one night. He is friendly and considerate.

BSZAMD(host)★ PositiveJune 7, 2015

A welcome guest--Chagai kept us all talking, full of interest, still knows how to relax--and he let me beat him at chess. What more could you want? He's all right.

Victoria .(host)★ PositiveJune 8, 2015

Chagai was a pleasure to host. He is very inquisitive and can be rather interesting to chat with. I hope he continues his open-mindedness and exploration of new ideas after his US trip is complete. He has a lot of potential in this life, if so.

Daniel Reinholtz(host)★ PositiveJune 12, 2015

Although we didn't spend much time together, Chagai is the real deal. Come back any time you like. Maybe, as the saying goes, next time in Jerusalem!

From member★ PositiveJune 18, 2015

Down to earth guy and very easy to talk to! This guy contributes to CS in a positive way. Do not hesitate to host, surf or hangout with him!

From host★ PositiveJune 18, 2015

Chagai stayed with us for 4 days, and we honestly wish he could have stayed longer. He is intelligent, trustworthy, helpful, incredibly laid back and low-maintenance. He was always up to hang out with us no matter what we were doing, a dinner party, a college party, chilling around the house playing games and talking about everything in the world imaginable until the sun came up. It was such a joy spending time with someone so open and full of desire to learn new things.

It’s difficult to explain how empty the house felt after he left. We can’t wait to see you again, Chagai. Have a great and safe remainder of your trip through the US, best wishes in everything to come, and...SEE YOU SOON! Hopefully on your way back down or in Thailand. ;)

Seriously DO NOT miss the opportunity to get to know, host, or travel with Chagai...YOU'LL REGRET IT!

Patsy Sympson(host)★ PositiveJune 18, 2015

Chagai, (who's so accommodating as to let us call him Joe) was a great guest! He was polite, asked to do dishes , or anything else we wanted him to do. . . I joked with him that he could mow our lawn, but I think he would've! MAYBE, if he'd stayed another day! Anyway, it was fun to talk with him & maybe help him a bit in his "figuring out" life stuff. My advice, it all comes in good time! Very nice guy & I look forward to seeing where his travels (in life) takes him!

Stephanie Robinson and Patrick Walker(host)★ PositiveJune 19, 2015

We enjoyed having Chagai with us. He is easy going, inquisitive, searching and very open. We wish him well on his travels through the US and Life. He is most welcome to stay here with us anytime.

Niki Barr★ PositiveJune 20, 2015

We hosted Chagai and had a great time! Unfortunately, I had to work early each day, so I didn't get to hang much, but my boyfriend spent some time talking with Chagai and enjoyed his company. Happy to host again!

From member★ PositiveJune 20, 2015

Chagai is pretty cool to talk with and learn more about his experiences. He's the kind of person you learn a thing or two from that is really fundamental and important in life. So nice meeting this guy!

STILLWATERFAMILY(host)★ PositiveJune 24, 2015

Chagai helped out with dinner and we had some excellent, animated, conversation with him. We would welcome him back!

Kim Kirkendall(host)★ PositiveJune 30, 2015

Chagai is an engaging and interested guest to have in your house. My kids are 17, 18 and 20 - so they had a lot to talk about (everyone is trying to figure out their future). We had a chance to go to a local community's festival, he saw a private museum down the street, talked with Grandma for quite awhile. I know hosts will enjoy his enthusiasm for joining in their daily life.

From member★ PositiveJuly 7, 2015

I met Chagai because we both surfed the same time at Tobi's place. It was great to meet him and I really enjoyed our conversations about life. I ended up dropping him off in Stanton on my way and it was a pleasure having him along for the ride. He is always welcome to surf at my place too :)

Tobi(host)★ PositiveJuly 8, 2015

Thanks Chagai for the time we spend together. It was fun and we had a good and interesting conversation. Chagai was very friendly and honest. He is always up for a chat and says his opinion! He found out about a Yoga class in Pittsburgh, which we attended. I really enjoyed it and did it again :) Thanks! Hope we see again.

AnFloraVdk(host)★ PositiveJuly 9, 2015

Chagai is a very sweet and nice guy

Karen Closkey(host)★ PositiveJuly 11, 2015

Chagai or Joey was very nice and respectful and even helped me organize my house! I enjoyed learning about Israel's culture and look forward to hosting him again.

Alfredo Caro(host)★ PositiveJuly 12, 2015

Chagai is a wonderful guy. He will brighten up your house with his pensive conversations and his explorative nature. Super laid back and very respectful, he's one of those people that make couch surfing the wonderful site it is. Host him if you get a chance, you'll love meeting him!

Gaia Barbiero★ PositiveJuly 14, 2015

He's a lovely guy! I couldn't host him but we met in Philly a couple of time: It was nice to talk with him and share our experiences. Hope to see him in Europe and travel together!

From member★ PositiveJuly 16, 2015

I met Chagai couchsurfing with the same host, and he was a delight! Fascinating conversations, I hope to run into him again after we have both had further travels.

Kai Leung★ PositiveJuly 23, 2015

He's is a good person. He asked many questions about life and I gave him many answers , isn't that right chagaiiiiiiiijii:D he is trustworthy. He helped me vacuum my apartment as well. We smoked some hookah while he was here and had some conversations about life. He's definitely worth a host.

From surfer★ PositiveAugust 4, 2015

Great guy we hanged out together in Jerusalem, fun to be around and eager to travel the world. The doors are open for you Chagai whenever you want to visit. Take care man!

Patrick Christensen(host)★ PositiveAugust 7, 2015

Chagai was an excellent guest -- well mannered, polite, fun, and quite interesting to talk to. In fact, even though I was working long hours at the time I hosted him, we were up long into the night talking about all sorts of things -- psychology, travelling, different cultures, their governments, and a million other things. I'd have loved to have talked more, but we both had to be up early. I would gladly host Chagai again or stay with him when I'm in his neck of the woods! Thanks for the invite Chagai! I'd love to stop by sometime!

From member★ PositiveAugust 9, 2015

I was very lucky to met him at Victoria's place when I was using workaway. He's surprisingly mature and open to any kind of conversations & discussions (I really hope more people were like him). I learnt from him about his culture and it was very interesting to hear his stories, at his 20s, he has lived a lot of things! Thanks man, my best wishes in all your projects

From member★ PositiveAugust 11, 2015

Meeting up with Chagai for just a few hours assured me that if anyone ever gets the opportunity to host him they're in for a treat! He is kind, funny, intelligent, and really has such interesting views on life. A conversation with him is bound to be eye-opening, engaging, and quite enjoyable. We talked for hours and I didn't even see the time pass! If you get the chance to meet him don't pass it up! It was such a pleasure hanging out with you and good luck in your travels!(:

MOKLO(host)★ PositiveAugust 23, 2015

Curious kid traveling the world to see what he should do after the military. Very open to meeting new people. Easy-going. Light traveler. I think Chagai is very communicative, and it will help him discover his future. It is fun to host someone in their early twenties and watch them ask questions to figure themselves out. Positive experience.

From member★ PositiveSeptember 16, 2015

We have spend a great evening together! Playing table games and talking! Defenetly recomend to host! )))

From surfer★ PositiveSeptember 20, 2015

Thanks for super lovely reference, Chagai!

I stayed 5 nights with Chagai and Oma Esther by Workaway. and now I doubt that it might not be workaway. I felt like I stay with my family or relatives with full of warm hearts.

Chagai is a great person. He knows what you need before you ask, and he always helps you whatever it is. and he really knows about everything(OK, Chagai, haha).

Stay with Chagai!! You will learn a lot from him, and he will make you feel like in home. and you will also laugh a lot by staying with him!! All my 5 days were full of happiness and thanks.

Thank you very much Chagai! I hope you are not in Israel when I visit Israel! (I hope you know the meaning of this) Please keep exploring this beautiful world. and let's meet again someday somewhere!!!! and KEEP IN TOUCH!!!

Benjamin Dooley(surfer)★ PositiveOctober 18, 2015

An absolutely wonderful guy, showed me places in erusalem I didn't know about. Very knowledgable, highly recommended!

BeingLocal(surfer)Did not meetOctober 20, 2015

Fiorella(surfer)Did not meetNovember 2, 2015

From surferDid not meetNovember 5, 2015

Sarah(surfer)Did not meetNovember 9, 2015

Randy★ PositiveNovember 16, 2015

I hosted Chagai and thought I'd left him a reference. And now I see I didn't, for which I'm sorry. He is a great guy and was a great host.

Mike(host)Did not meetNovember 21, 2015

SABA.SDGT(host)Did not meetDecember 3, 2015

Luise Brunner(host)★ PositiveDecember 4, 2015

Chagai was our first guest and it was a great experience to host him! He told me a lot about politics in Israel and I started to understand how difficult these issues are. Nils and Chagai finally finished building our kitchen and he helped us whenever he could. Don't hesitate to host him or to join him as a guest, it's interesting and funny to spend time with him and you can absolutely trust him.

It's good to meet a couchsurfer who won't leave soon. You are welcome to visit us whenever you'd like! :)

From host★ PositiveDecember 5, 2015

Chagai is a friendly, easy going couchsurfer. We had a great night out and lots of fun cooking together. Thanks for the great conversations and insights into life in Israel.

From host★ PositiveDecember 11, 2015

From surfer★ PositiveDecember 23, 2015

Chagai is a really nice guy!!! :) He hosted me and my friend Manuel for two days in Frankfurt, and he was very kind, thoughtful and always took the time for a conversation with us :) He has been very helpful in every way, including electronic devices and some tips to save battery ahahah ^^ and he teached me some typical words in german and hebrew :) he's really interesting! I hope to see him again in the future !!

From surfer★ PositiveDecember 24, 2015

It was a funny and great time that we had with Chagai! he is so cool and nice friend. Actually we didn't have a lot of time to speak one by one. but the experience that we talk with Chagai and his lovely and funny friends was so so so valuable and very thankful! And we were very sorry because we changed our promise time because our plan T T but really thank for smiling and giving us a wonderful memory! We were so thankful to Chagai so we wrote the letter for him and his friend in Korea traditional paper using Korea traditional brush pen^u^ and the chinese noodle was so great! Really thank you for him!

From member★ PositiveDecember 29, 2015

He was really kind when he hosted me and my friend a couple of nights in Frankfurt! Even when he was new in town, He took the time to host us. That's really cool. And also he fixed my friend's tablet! He is really really kind and polite. And also easy to talk to :)

From member★ PositiveJanuary 10, 2016

My English is terrible but ... I will try to tell you Chagai is a new great friend. Thanks to him and Dany of Spain was I met Frankfurt, also Guizan very rich super-cute talkative, genial sympathetic my early days in Europe I was happy I did not want to go home jejejeje He's very intelligent and great human being because you lost the fear Europe will remember all my life .. what a great friend and host you are already tkm.

From surferDid not meetMarch 13, 2016

Florentine ertelH(surfer)Did not meetMarch 19, 2016

Ralph Strahke(surfer)Did not meetMarch 19, 2016

Sarah Mz★ PositiveMarch 21, 2016

Chagai ist eine sehr freundliche und lustige Person. Wir trafen in Frankfurt mit eine Freundin und kochten gemeinsam mit zwei anderen netten Personen. Es war ganz toll ! :)

From surfer★ PositiveMarch 28, 2016

My great english teacher!!!!! Chagai is a super funny, thoughtful, smart and clever guy. He is very patient in teaching me English and well Lister.^^

I am very please to meet him and want to meet him again! Highly recommend to others who want to travel Frankfurt.

From surfer★ PositiveMarch 29, 2016

Chagai was super hospitable and very kind, solid dude!

Mirri Glasson-Darling(surfer)★ PositiveApril 7, 2016

Chagai is great. Very helpful and a lot of fun. Very interested in languages too which I have an interest in as well though he knows more than I do. Haha. Great conversationalist.

From surferDid not meetApril 26, 2016

Warsha B(surfer)★ PositiveJune 4, 2016

Chagai hosted me when I was in a very difficult situation, even though he was busy and had just moved into his new flat. He is such an intelligent, very helpful and hospitable guy, who has a smart solution for any problem :) There were so many interesting things I got to know after talking to him. Great to know him and if you're in Frankfurt don't miss the opportunity to meet him.

From surferDid not meetJune 9, 2016

From surferDid not meetJune 9, 2016

From surferDid not meetJune 11, 2016

Miso KIM(surfer)★ PositiveJune 11, 2016

Chagai graciously accepted to host me at the last minute because the person who was supposed to do it had stopped responding to my messages. He was one of the people I had written to the first time around and he said that if things were not to work out with my original host, he would gladly take me in. That was so kind of him! I stayed less than 24 hours with him because I had to catch a flight but in that short amount of time, I discovered an very interesting person and big-hearted person who is fascinated by languages. Chagai was also hosting another Couch Surfer from the UK that night and he told some funny & crazy stories. Thank you very much Chagai for hosting me! I really appreciate it and even told my family about it. :-) Good luck with studying German!

Mathew Richard Burns(surfer)★ PositiveJune 13, 2016

Chagai is a great guy! Extremely friendly and easy going! I felt it was so easy to chat to him and get along. He is more than happy to help where he can. When I arrived he had offered to help another couchsurfer for the night. He didn't have to but he was kind enough to help someone out where he could. This is the kind of guy Chagei is.

His love and passion for the German language is outstanding! I learned so much German from him. I was so impressed!

I definitely recommend hosting or staying with Chagei. He's a truely lovely guy. Thank you again :)

Eugenio Ps(surfer)Did not meetJune 16, 2016

green_loove(surfer)Did not meetJune 18, 2016

Jo-Anna(surfer)★ PositiveJune 27, 2016

Chagai was a very friendly host, I would stay with him again if I ever go back to Frankfurt.

Nedra Jouini(surfer)Did not meetJuly 1, 2016

Kommander Prix(surfer)★ PositiveJuly 6, 2016

You will love this great and friendly guy! Thanx for hosting me, always welcome at my place!

From surfer★ PositiveJuly 7, 2016

He is a friendly and open-minded person. My friend and I stayed at his place for a 1 night and we had good discussions about German language. Thanks that you try to make our German better! Was a big pleasure )))

From member★ PositiveJuly 21, 2016

Chagai ( a spezial name for a spezial person) is a great host, not just shares his home with you... nooooooo he shares love and storys ! Thanks for this heartwarming welcome and the hebrew lesson. Really enjoyed the time, you have a new home in (for now) Hannover :)

From surfer★ PositiveAugust 3, 2016

Chagai was our first couchsurfer. He is a very kind, patient and open-minded person. We were surprised because he shared everything he had and it made us feel so good. We were at his home three days and he was always concerned about our comfort. Our English level is not perfect, so he corrected us to improve our level besides teaching us some german words. He also introduced us his friends and we went out with them! Undoubtedly, it was a great experience being at his home and we will visit him as soon as we can. :)

From surfer★ PositiveSeptember 26, 2016

Chagai is a mind open and a very friendly person. He is pretty amazing in learning new languages and always wants to learn new words and phrases. He is very flexible in time and can offer many things at his home! You can really talk with him about every thing! Pretty cool!

Joshua Bell★ PositiveOctober 12, 2016

Awesome guy who welcomed me into his home in Frankfurt for the weekend. Supplied everything from SIM card, adapter, and breakfast along with introducing me to his friends. A great short stay, but I look forward to seeing Chagai again one day. P.S. Your English is perfect! ;)

Helmut Kern(host)Did not meetOctober 14, 2016

From host★ PositiveMarch 28, 2017

We always have a nice time

Armando(surfer)★ PositiveJune 26, 2017

Very decent, funny and interesting guy :) i'll definitely recommend him to all of you.. he is a good host, very intelligent guy and always there for help :) thanks for hosting me may the force be with u ;)

Armando★ PositiveJuly 6, 2017

Very calm and interesting person... he lives and love his life and share happiness to everyone:)

Ifat Amir(host)★ PositiveJuly 12, 2017

We had a great time together ! Chagai was fun to hang out with, we had great conversations and I got to know a really interesting person. Would repeat it anytime....

Alice(host)★ PositiveAugust 30, 2017

Chagai is a very nice guy. He stayed with us for one night and we had a lot of interesting talks. He's very knowledgable and we have learned a lot about our cultures :)

See you someday in Marburg, Chagai!

From host★ PositiveSeptember 15, 2017

He is a very outgoing Guy friendly and loves talking in englisch or hebrew. He has very many friends espessially many feemale friends ;) and He is hostable

Response September 26, 2017

Thanks 😊 Stay in touch and tell me how Canada's like! I really think it's a great idea for you to visit my friend, I know he loves on the other side of Canada, but he's such a great guy, definitely worth it!

Isaura Leybaert(host)Did not meetSeptember 22, 2017

From host★ PositiveSeptember 27, 2017

A great guy, friendly and clean. You are very welcome to come again :)

Ana Sapoznikova(host)★ PositiveOctober 3, 2017

I find Chagai nice and interesting :)

From surfer★ PositiveOctober 5, 2017

Such a lovely person! :) I meet so many new people with him. And he's a very funny guy, too :) I had a blast, Chagai! :)

From surfer★ PositiveOctober 5, 2017

From member★ PositiveOctober 10, 2017

Met chagai briefly in London, didn't really get a proper chance to hang out but he was a super friendly guy. Hopefully sort something out in Germany!

From host★ PositiveNovember 30, 2017

It was such a pleasure to host Chagai! He would surely make a good company to anyone; a very knowledgeable and friendly peson. Thanks for interesting talks and German slang lessons! See you in Marburg :)

MAGEIKE(host)★ PositiveDecember 4, 2017

When I met Chagai it felt like meeting a friend I hadn't seen in a while. Even though we just spent the evening together I really enjoyed his company. He was the guest you hope for. ;) see you soon

From surfer★ PositiveDecember 11, 2017

2 of my friends and I stayed with Chagai and his house full of wonderful roommates for 1 night in Marburg. By the end of our stay we were sad to be leaving! He and his roommates welcomed us in like good friends, meeting us at the train station, playing board games and chatting late into the night. He is generous and kind without hesitation, a wonderful couchsurfing host. Thanks for everything!

From hostDid not meetMarch 8, 2018

Melanie(host)★ PositiveMarch 8, 2018

Chagai is such an entertaining and relaxed guy . He is easy to talk to and will be happy to share his thoughts and experiences- for sure there will be a lot of fun hanging out with him (actually he is crazy :D but in the good way). Plus he is helpful in the household, flexible and easy to handle. All in all, it was just like spending time with an old friend. You are cool man, see you soon!

Hannah(host)Did not meetMarch 16, 2018

Zahra Topping(surfer)★ PositiveApril 3, 2018

Chagai really took the time to communicate everything really clearly with me. Even though he wasn't at home, he still agreed to host me and my friend and was extra helpful and friendly in our communications. Brilliant CSer and very welcome to come stay in Berlin! :))

From host★ PositiveApril 20, 2018

Chagai was incredibly outgoing, adventurous, and and great guy to spend time with. I would host him again in a heartbeat!

From host★ PositiveApril 24, 2018

Chagai is an awesome guy and I loved having him stay with me! He is a very passionate fellow who is well educated on various topics of discussion. He is very funny and kind and he knows how to cook some good food. I would certainly host him again if I have the chance.

Paula Schöberlein(surfer)★ PositiveJuly 22, 2018

We were three girls and stayed three nights at Chagai's place. The first night we shared a room with him and his girlfriend, but later we had the room for ourself. Chagai was very friendly, took us out to the Lahntreppen and we met some of his friends. He even gave us his key so we could come and leave the apartement whenever we wanted. It was a lovely shared palce, where six people lived. Thank you Chagai!

From surferDid not meetAugust 12, 2018

Andrea Polster(surfer)Did not meetAugust 22, 2018

Alexandru Zay(surfer)★ PositiveSeptember 19, 2018

Thanks to chagai, I had a stay in Marburg in a last-minute-situation. He is a really relaxed and nice guy. We didn't had so much time to share. But everything was that good, like room, bed.. that I think of visiting him again tomorrow 😉 so we could spend some time 😃😃

From hostDid not meetOctober 2, 2018

Franziska Jauch(host)★ PositiveOctober 8, 2018

Chagai spend only one night at my place and I had nightshift but we had some interesting conversations, especially about Israel. Chagai is very friendly, open-minded and has interesting stories to tell, I would like to get to know him better. So I hope to meet him again one day :)

ROMAKA(host)Did not meetOctober 13, 2018

From hostDid not meetOctober 13, 2018

Evaristo Salaya(surfer)Did not meetJanuary 9, 2019

From surferDid not meetJanuary 21, 2019

Moriya Knoll(host)Did not meetFebruary 26, 2019

Idit Hulati(host)Did not meetMarch 2, 2019

Forte Worthy(surfer)★ PositiveMarch 5, 2019

I was blown away with how kind, generous and helpful Chagai was. We love this town and he made it amazing for our stay. Thank you!

From member★ PositiveMarch 10, 2019

Chagai was a brilliant host. He was so easy to communicate with, and his generosity was phenomenal! Such kindness and hospitality. Me and my friend stayed in his Girlfriend's private apartment in a great location. Chagai was funny and very easy to get on with. Would definitely stay again.

From host★ PositiveApril 7, 2019

Chagai stayed at my place in Marburg for one night. He´s a great guy and we spend a nice evening together having barbecue and nice discussions! We laughed a lot and had a good time :) Feel free to visit again Chagai!! :)

From hostDid not meetApril 10, 2019

Barbarella Fisch(host)Did not meetApril 28, 2019

Johanna Bertram(host)Did not meetApril 28, 2019

From host★ PositiveApril 29, 2019

I had a very nice time with Chagai, he is very interesting and fun! Unfortunately i could only host him for a night but it was my pleasure to meet him. Wish you all the best Chagai, and you are always welcome back here.

From hostDid not meetApril 29, 2019

nomadethos(surfer)★ PositiveMay 14, 2019

Awesome individual- caring fun and easygoing... Thanks a lot for everything I can say I have a friend in Marburg! Stay true! Can shave the half beard still! Ahoy’

From hostDid not meetJune 2, 2019

From host★ PositiveJune 3, 2019

We had a great time with Chagai! He had a lot of stories to tell and he liked spending the evening with us and playing games with our friends and us. He was flexible and helpful. I would definitely host him again!

Tessa Brancalion(host)★ PositiveJune 3, 2019

Chagai and I spend one evening together with great discussions about different topics! It was really interesting to hear about his experiences in debating tournaments and about his Life in general.

From hostDid not meetJune 23, 2019

Timna Raz(host)Did not meetJune 24, 2019

Libat Bar lev(host)★ PositiveJuly 1, 2019

Great guy! I enjoyed hosting him very much 😊 Chagai you are welcome anytime 😁

From hostDid not meetAugust 3, 2019

From surferDid not meetOctober 9, 2019

From host★ PositiveOctober 11, 2019

Chagai is a very nice and interesting person, it’s always fun to be around him. We spent a really good time together. Would certainly host him again ;)

From member★ PositiveOctober 13, 2019

Dank Chagai war meine Ankunft in Marburg ganz leicht, er ist super flexibel, super nett, aufgeschlossen und hilfsbereit. Auch Tipps für Fremde in der Stadt sind sehr praktisch und sinnvoll; ich freue mich, dass wir sicher noch in Kontakt bleiben werden :) Danke nochmal auf jeden Fall!!

From hostDid not meetNovember 3, 2019

From member★ PositiveNovember 3, 2019

Chagai visited Oslo and we went for a walk in the park and coffee. He is funny and smart. We talked about languages and different cultures and it was amazing. Thanks, Chagai!!!

From hostDid not meetDecember 3, 2019

Valerie Kwan(surfer)★ PositiveDecember 9, 2019

Chagai was super kind, giving me lots of help on getting to his home and coming to meet me in town, showing me to a cool little restaurant. I had a great time chatting with him about all sorts of stuff and meeting his friends. Really felt at home and welcomed during my stay!

From surfer★ PositiveDecember 22, 2019

I only spent a night with Chagai but it felt like a lot longer. He's really relaxed and super easy to talk to about any topic - I really felt like we could talk for years. Chagai, you're just a wonderful and genuine person and I'm really happy we met. I'll remember our peculiar night of fraternity hunting for a long time, haha! Hope to see you again sometime 👌

From hostDid not meetDecember 25, 2019

Aileen-Laura Schäfer(host)Did not meetDecember 26, 2019

Lena .(host)Did not meetJanuary 7, 2020

From host★ PositiveFebruary 4, 2020

Chagai is a very nice, kind and interesting Person! Had great times and talks with him. Hope to see you again youre always welcome :)

From host★ PositiveFebruary 5, 2020

We had a great time hosting Chagai, we spent our evening sharing interesting life stories. Its always great to meet new people and we are happy we had the chance to meet Chagai.

Fabienne Wenger(host)Did not meetFebruary 5, 2020

Priska Maurer(host)Did not meetFebruary 9, 2020

From hostDid not meetFebruary 10, 2020

From host★ PositiveFebruary 20, 2020

Chagai was the first CS guest I had in a while and it was great to be a host instead of a guest again 😃 after he arrived we were just talking for hours, the time was flying! He is a very helpful and thoughtful guy, he asked if he can bring some food and he was happy with the dinner I could offer :) also he is really into board games, he found a game evening on meet up, which was fun! It seems too, that he knows every app and several alternatives for some "standard" apps many people use 😄 I think he uses his time to the fullest and is truly interested to make new experiences, so you will for sure have a good time if you host him 🙂 sorry für die späte Referenz und bis bald mal in Bern! :D

From surfer★ PositiveFebruary 24, 2020

Just posting this, so I get my account to be more active, because the moving function doesn't work that well.

From host★ PositiveFebruary 25, 2020

This profile is for Bern, because Couchsurfing takes time to change the location.

Response April 2, 2020

This might be confusing for some people - just ignore this review.

If you want to understand what I did just ask me 😅

From host★ PositiveMarch 26, 2020

He was always up to hang out and kept an open mind about any sort of topic of conversation. He's also very considerate and happy to help.

From host★ PositiveApril 6, 2020

From surfer★ PositiveApril 7, 2020

It was really nice to hangout with chagai. He is very helpful and was reachable even when there was corona madness all around. I endorse him for this platform.

Deleted profile(surfer)★ PositiveMay 14, 2020

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